Drowned Lake
Dredge up the forbidden secrets of the Brazilian rainforest and survive the dangers that lurk in the darkness.
When Bento, a student in his twenties, goes missing near this sinister place, it sets off a twisted story to discover the truth. Explore your haunting surroundings by boat, collect lost evidence with a fishing rod, solve puzzles in first-person POV, and try to avoid disturbing these troubled waters. Don't let the Drowned Lake fool you. Remember: you're not safe here.
• Explore the most forbidding reaches of the rainforest as a firefighter, a journalist and an elderly fisherman.
• Collect evidence and uncover what hides beneath the surface of the Drowned Lake by exploring, fishing, investigating, and solving puzzles.
• Experience a tragic, twisted tale inspired by the unique melting pot of Brazilian culture and mythology.
• Navigate narrow areas, complete intricate puzzles, and experience the true terrors the darkness hides in first-person POV sections inspired by escape rooms and classic horror games.
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