Altered Alma
A cyberpunk Metroidvania written by Anthony Johnson. Assemble your crew, experience romance, and explore the neon-drenched city of Neo-Barcelona!
Metroidvania • Coming Soon
Altered Alma combines the beloved classic Metroidvania formula with RPG elements, dating sim features, a slick pixel-art presentation, and a gripping story. Whether you want to beat up bad guys, find love, or just explore the beautiful cityscape, Neo-Barcelona awaits!
• Metroidvania / RPG set in a future city of Neo Barcelona, written by Anthony Johnson (Dead Space, Resident Evil Village).
• Tons of side activities to grow your Ship and crew. Craft and upgrade your weapons and mods to be the toughest on the street.
• Learn more about your Companions and earn their trust (or their heart) in a Mass Effect-styled relationship system.
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