Aeon Drive Tournament
This page contains the official rules governing the Aeon Drive Tournament, as agreed upon and confirmed by the event's organizing body. The terms and conditions for participation (rules) set forth within this document apply to all parts of the competition and will remain valid throughout the entirety of the Aeon Drive Tournament.

The event's organizing body reserves the right to modify, update, add to, abridge or otherwise change the contents of this page, at their sole discretion, without having to notify participants. Changes to the terms and conditions for participation will be effective with or without prior notice.

In the event of controversy arising from the existence of multiple versions of these rules, the most recent English version of the terms and conditions for participation will be the prioritized version.

This page was last updated on September 3rd, 2021.

1 -Tournament Overview

The Aeon Drive Tournament is a worldwide direct-elimination online competition centered around 2Awesome Studio's and CRITICAL REFLEX's upcoming platformer game Aeon Drive. Players will challenge each other over a series of time-based tracks, through a knockout-style bracket, for a chance to win a selection of prizes.

The Aeon Drive Tournament is scheduled to begin on August 27th, 2021 and will be co-hosted by CRITICAL REFLEX and the Global Speedrun Association (GSA) with the support of GUNNAR and Elgato. For more information regarding the structure of the tournament, player eligibility, and available prizes, please refer to sections 1, 2, and 4 of this rulebook.

1.1 - Enrolment

All contestants interested in joining the Aeon Drive Tournament must first register and enrol in the competition. Enrolment starts on September 3rd and can be completed by filling out the dedicated form on the event's website.

Once they have completed the enrolment process, players will receive an email containing instructions and details to proceed to the next phase of the tournament. To that purpose, participants should pay particular attention to ensuring that the data they enter is correct and that they are using a valid and active email address when they sign up.

The use of temporary inboxes, auto-generated addresses, or other email rerouting systems when signing up might prevent players from receiving vital instructions and is consequently forbidden. CRITICAL REFLEX and other members of the tournament's organizing body cannot be held responsible for breaches, data theft, or other accidents stemming from the use of such services.

By completing the enrolment process, players declare to have read the terms and conditions for participation in full and declare to accept them without reservation.

1.2 - Qualifiers

Qualifiers are a preliminary phase of the Aeon Drive Tournament where players will compete for a place in the direct elimination brackets. Qualifiers will be accessible from the moment a player enrols into the competition and will remain open until September 15th.

Qualifiers are based on a worldwide leaderboard system in which players are ranked according to their abilities and performance. Once the qualifiers period ends, the top contestants will be given access to the next phase of the competition.

To qualify for the tournament, players must download their assigned copy of Aeon Drive following the instructions received when they enrolled and complete a ranked match through the in-game qualifiers mode. While there is no limit to the number of available attempts that each contestant has at their disposal, only one result per player will be stored into our system.

1.3 - Direct Elimination Rounds

Once the qualifiers are over, players that have ranked among the top [number] contestants and gained access to the direct elimination rounds will be pitted against each other following a predetermined bracket layout.

The structure of this part of the competition will be announced on September 18th, 2021 and will remain available for viewing on the tournament's website for the duration of the competition.

1.4 - Rule of Succession and No-Show

Qualifiers: in the event of an eligible player explicitly declining their spot during the qualifiers, eligibility will automatically be passed to the next highest ranked player on the worldwide qualifiers leaderboards.

Direct Elimination rounds: failure to show within 10 minutes from the date and time agreed upon for a direct elimination round will result in a default loss and subsequent disqualification from the tournament.

1.5 - Live-Streamed Rounds

All rounds leading to the top 16 positions in the tournament will be broadcasted live through the Global Speedrun Association's (GSA) official Twitch channel. While this is handled entirely by the tournament's organizing body and requires no direct action from the players, all participants agree to and authorize the potential inclusion of their performance, Steam player name and limited personal information in publicly available footage.

In addition, CRITICAL REFLEX reserves the right to edit, re-use, and redistribute the footage collected during the tournament.

1.6 - Other definitions and terms

Game: a, genuine, unmodified copy of Aeon Drive, provided to the players by the event's organizing body and updated to the latest available version;

Round: a race on a single, randomly selected track, lasting up to 180 seconds or enough time to allow the players to complete it.

Match: a collection of three rounds, played in succession, the winners of which are determined based on overall performance in each of the matches.

2 - Player Eligibility

Aeon Drive Tournament is open to all individuals 13 years old and older as of their respective date of enrolment. Any player under the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which they live will be required to produce a written permission signed by a parent or legal guardian to register.

Participation is limited to one entry per physical player. Signing up with more than one account is prohibited and will lead to immediate disqualification from the tournament.

Employees, directors and officers of CRITICAL REFLEX, 2Awesome Studio as well as sponsors, agents, contractors, members of the tournament's organizing body, and any other entity involved in the planning and execution of the Aeon Drive Tournament are not eligible to participate.

3 - Code of Conduct

All players, staff, representatives, and directors either participating in or working at the Aeon Drive Tournament are expected to maintain respectful behavior towards other participants, members of the staff, and spectators alike.

By completing the enrolment process described in chapter 1.1 of these rules and joining the tournament, players agree to accept and abide by the code of conduct set forth herein. Players also agree to be bound by any directives or decisions taken by the tournament's organizing body.

3.1 Prohibited Behaviors

Throughout the tournament, prohibited behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Harassment or intimidation of any other player, member of the tournament's staff or spectator, either in person or through any online channels;
  • Collusion or any other deceitful agreement aimed at damaging or undermining the tournament, other players or the organizing body;
  • Cheating, as defined in 3.2;
  • Intentionally delaying, slowing, or manipulating, or any other known or unknown manner of tampering with gameplay;
  • Preventing players from joining the game or attempting to interfere with another player's connection to the game service through any means;
  • Disobeying instructions or requests of a member of the staff or tournament's organizing body;
  • Personal conduct that reflects or may reflect badly on the community, the developers or CRITICAL REFLEX, including communications on social media;
  • Any other conduct that is usually deemed offensive or inappropriate.

3.2 Cheating

Cheating is defined as any deliberate attempt to alter the natural flow of the game or the competition, interfere with gameplay, influence the outcome of a match or round or otherwise doctor the results of the competition to the benefit of one or more players. In a broader sense, cheating also includes any action aimed at disrupting gameplay or gaining an advantage over other participants through illegal means.

In the event of cheating, whether it was suspected, observed, or reported by another player, the tournament's organizing body reserves the right to request and obtain proof of fairplay in the form of video, footage, or other media that can directly demonstrate adherence to the rules. Limited to the qualifiers and whenever provided proof isn't deemed sufficient to adjudicate the matter, the event's organizers might, at their sole discretion, request that a contestant goes through the qualification process again.

Regardless of its entity and outcome, cheating is always considered a serious offense. Following the directives set forth in chapter 3.4 of this rulebook, people who are - beyond any reasonable doubt - believed to be cheating will be immediately removed from the tournament.

3.3 - Sponsorship restrictions

Unless otherwise agreed upon and previously disclosed, participants may not display, advertise, showcase, promote or - through any means at their disposal - endorse sponsorships, deals or commercial affiliation with or by any enterprise.

Participants also agree not to use the tournament as a vector for political statements, protests, or the dissemination of messages that might single out, attack, harass, or otherwise go against other individuals or groups of any kind.

3.4 - Penalties and Disqualification

Anyone found engaging in behavior that goes against the Code of Conduct or other parts of these terms and conditions for participation will incur the penalties set forth herein. Breaches of conduct will be handled by the tournament's organizing body and will be based on facts, as well as reports and witness statements.

Participants who have, beyond any reasonable doubt, engaged in behavior that goes against the rules or any other kind of behavior or conduct that might be deemed offensive or inappropriate will be immediately disqualified from the tournament and forfeit any potential prizes. Guests, partners, and staff also agree that, in case of exclusion from the tournament stemming from a breach of conduct, they will forfeit any appearance fees that they are potentially owed.

Important notice: deliberately attempting to damage the tournament's website, tamper with the entry process, or otherwise undermine the event may be a violation of criminal and civil laws. The tournament's organizing body reserve the right to cooperate in the prosecution of any individual(s) involved, and to pursue all remedies available to the fullest extent permitted by local and international law.

3.5 - Protests and Appeals

Players who believe they have been subjected to wrongdoing at any point during the tournament can submit an appeal by contacting the organizing body directly. Protests and appeals must be in writing and will only be entertained if submitted within 12 hours from the moment the facts took place.

All decisions taken by a member of the tournament's organizing body are final. Protests regarding such decisions or subsequent appeals concerning cases that have already been examined by a member of the staff will be automatically rejected.

4 - Prizes

The prize pool for the Aeon Drive Tournament consists of a host of physical items, which will be distributed as illustrated in the table below.

3rd Place (one winner)

  • GUNNAR Ash Edition Glasses

  • Elgato Wave:1


  • CRITICAL REFLEX Baseball Cap

  • Aeon Drive Postcard

2nd Place (one winner)

  • GUNNAR Lightning Bolt 360

  • Elgato Wave:1

  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


  • CRITICAL REFLEX Baseball Cap

  • Aeon Drive Postcard

  • Aeon Drive Launch Tournament Wallpaper

1st place (one winner)

  • Nintendo Switch

  • Elgato Wave:3

  • GUNNAR Lightning Bolt 360


  • CRITICAL REFLEX Baseball Cap

  • Aeon Drive Postcard

  • Aeon Drive Launch Tournament Wallpaper

Giveaway winners (one item randomly chosen among)

  • Nintendo Switch Lite

  • 1 x GUNNAR Lightning Bolt 360

  • 1 x Elgato Wave:3

  • 1 of 2 x Elgato Stream Deck

  • 1 x Elgato Facecam

Once the last of the Direct Elimination Rounds has ended, the event's organizing body will review the results of the match and proclaim the winners. A raffle open to all who enrolled into the tournament will also be held once the event is over.

All players who are eligible to receive prizes will then be contacted by a member of the tournament's organizing body at the email address they provided when registering. Qualifying players must accept their prize within 30 days from the moment they are contacted and provide CRITICAL REFLEX with a valid address to which the parcel can be sent. Please refer to section 4.1 of these rules for further details and exceptions.

Prizes will be delivered to the winners through express courier or equivalent service. CRITICAL REFLEX's will, however, only cover postage and other expenses directly linked with the delivery of the prizes. Tolls, fines, local taxes, and other expenses arising after the parcel has left the courier's fulfillment center remain sole responsibility of the recipient.

Personal information and data - including but not limited to a participant's name, address, country, email address, and other means of contact - collected by CRITICAL REFLEX during this phase will be handled according to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation and used uniquely to process the prizes.

CRITICAL REFLEX and its partners agree to never sell, borrow, hand over or in any other way share personal data without the owner's explicit consent. All data will be erased once the deliveries are processed. If, at any moment, participants would like to inquire about the state of their data or exercise any of their rights, they can do so by contacting CRITICAL REFLEX directly.

4.1 - General Prize Restrictions

Participants in the tournament are not eligible to qualify for multiple spots or claim multiple prizes - be them from the tournament itself or the free-for-all raffle. In the event of a player being selected for multiple prizes - such as cases where participants both earn a competition and a raffle prize or their name is drawn multiple times during the raffle itself - all selections past the first one are automatically void.

Prizes will only be shipped to the address provided by the winner. While the tournament's organizing body will work closely with couriers to ensure that the items reach their destination, CRITICAL REFLEX declines any responsibility for parcels that are shipped to the wrong address, stolen, lost, or damaged in transit. The organizing body remains available to assist players with claiming compensation from the courier when possible.

In situations where items cannot be shipped to the winner's address for reasons beyond the organizing body's control, a second attempt to send the prizes will be made within the following 60 days. If shipping is still impossible after the 60 days have expired, recipients automatically renounce all claims to the items and no further attempts will be made.

5 - Limitations of Liability

CRITICAL REFLEX and its partners hereby disclaim all warranties and conditions - whether expressed or otherwise - with regard to the tournament game software, equipment, operation of the tournament, or prizing, including all implied warranties under the laws of any jurisdiction.

Specifically, the Aeon Drive Tournament's organizing body shall not be held responsible for:

  • Incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by users, any of the equipment used in the event, or any technical or human error which may occur while processing a player's registration or gameplay;
  • Any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction, or unauthorized access which may result in alteration of gameplay or game results;
  • Any problems or technical malfunction of any network or lines, servers or providers, equipment, or software;
  • Injuries or losses to a player's person or property arising or resulting from participation in the event;
  • The inability to complete a game due to any technical malfunction.

CRITICAL REFLEX may require the replaying of any game or match, or declare any of the former void, by reason of any technical or other system error. In the event of conditions that prevent any portion of the competition from running as planned, including software bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failure, or any other causes beyond the control of the event's organizing body, CRITICAL REFLEX reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the event or any portion thereof. Similarly, if any individual is adversely affected by any technical or equipment malfunction, the organizing body reserves the right to schedule a special game among any such competitors so adversely affected. Participants will be informed of any cancellation, termination, modification or suspension either via email or notice posted on the event's website.

By enrolling in the tournament each player, and each player's parent or legal guardian if the former is a minor, warrants, acknowledges, and agrees that the player is at least 13 years old, physically fit and in good health, has no physical or mental issues that would hinder participation, and is sufficiently trained and experienced to understand the risks involved in the Tournament. Player, and player's parent or legal guardian if player is a minor, on behalf of player and each of player's successors, heirs and assigns, unconditionally and irrevocably waives liability, releases, promises never to sue, forever discharges and relinquishes any and all rights, claims, demands, suits, actions, losses, damages, costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees and costs, that player may incur or otherwise have against any member of the event's organizing body and their respective subsidiaries, parents, affiliates, hosts, sponsors, advertisers and each of their respective owners, officers, shareholders, directors, employees and agents ("Released Parties"), arising from or related to player's participation in the tournament; including, without limitation, any claims arising from or related to:

  • Actions or omissions of any of the Released Parties, other players, or other third parties;
  • Inadequacy of any training or supervision;
  • Failure to investigate, keep safe or to warn of hazards known or unknown;
  • Breach of any implied or express warranty and/or representation of any Released Party;
  • Any prize award, including, without limitation, the receipt or use or misuse of any prize;
  • The exercise of the rights granted herein including, without limitation, from any liability for violation of rights of privacy, publicity, defamation, emotional distress or any similar right;

By entering and participating in the event, players agree to indemnify, defend, release and hold harmless the released parties from any and all claims, demands, damages, expenses, costs (including reasonable attorneys╩╝ fees) and liabilities (including settlements) arising from or in connection with these official rules, the tournament, any prize, or any other matter or activity directly or indirectly related to the tournament. This obligation shall continue beyond the end of the event itself.